We have radio-collared hundreds of deer in Pennsylvania over the years and ear-tagged hundreds more. The doe in this photo was captured and radio-collared on March 1, 2012 in Berks County (she was a juvenile that was born in 2011).

When she was captured the field crew noted that she had an old injury next to her tail on her right side. But it didn’t affect her health too much because she lived to be 3.5 years old when she was legally harvested in fall 2014.

If you haven’t already, check out the photo gallery on our webpage. We’d love to add some photos, especially of deer from the current study in Bald Eagle, Rothrock, and Susquehannock state forests.

Oh, and in case you’re afraid we’ll tell everyone where your secret hunting spot is located, we won’t do that. We’ll only indicate the name of the state forest where the picture was taken. And you can remain anonymous if you’re shy about sharing your name.

However, if you let us know exactly when and where the photo was taken (but it will stay our secret) we will see if we can figure out which collared deer you photographed!

If you have an image to share, please email .

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