Fawning season is here!  The first fawn of the season was spotted in Bret’s yard on May 9.  A forester spied a set of twins on State Game Lands 14 in Cameron County on May 12.  But our fawn capturing season officially began on May 15 when our first VIT sent a notification in the wee hours that it had been expelled.  

Fawn capture crews didn’t even report for orientation and training until 1000 on May 15.  The northern crew left and immediately went to search for the VIT and fawn.  Nothing like hitting the ground running!  

Doe 17158 was captured on February 27 in a Clover trap and fitted with the latest technology.  As of May 15, she is now the proud mamma of a bouncing baby girl, Fawn 6656.  She weighed 6.3-lbs and was spunky enough at ~20 hours old to try to run during capture.  You go girl!

Mom was close by and made an appearance when processing of her baby was complete.

Since then, 3 more notifications from VITs have been received.  The crews are busy to say the least.  

-Jeannine Fleegle
Wildlife Biologist
PGC Deer and Elk Section


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