ruffed grouse drumming

ruffed grouse drumming
Credit PGC Historic Photo

Welcome to the new Deer-Forest Study website!

For months, we’ve been working behind the scenes to migrate all our content to a brand spanking new page. Over the past 6 years we published over 500 blog posts, not counting the other pages associated with the project. Fixing broken links, tracking down missing graphs and YouTube videos, and learning a new platform has been quite the experience but we hope you find the end result is definitely worth it! 

Some of the cool new features:

  • Search – you can now search all our blog posts for any term you like which should make things easier to find.
  • Tags! – that’s right we can now tag posts. Weather, hunting, antlers, #rut, and more. Remember we have over 500 posts and will be working to tag them over time. That should make your searches more productive.
  • Facebook free – The blog is no longer tied to Facebook which means you don’t need a Facebook account to comment and engage!
  • Posts by Topic – with over 500 posts, even I forget what we’ve written about! 
  • YouTube viewing for all of us – and by that, I mean older eyes. You can now view videos FULL screen. You will only be excited about this if you are over 40.

Take a look around. We still have some housekeeping to do but if you find anything that is broken, let us know at

Comment below and tell us what you think!

-Jeannine & Duane

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