From the Northern Crew:

Dear deer people,

Last Thursday, I retrieved 2 radio collars – a harvested buck that only had one antler left and a DMAP doe. Coincidentally, both deer were captured and collared in April of 2014.

During Sunday’s mort-run, I discovered that one of the VIT fawns had moved 2 miles back to his summer home range for the first time since September! His winter range is in a heavily hunted area, so I wouldn’t be surprised if hunter activity encouraged him and his mama to take a little hiatus.

This week, I’m excited to be helping with deer aging Monday and Tuesday [she is one of the few who is “excited” about deer aging]. Aside from that, it will be business as usual monitoring fawns and following up with any harvests or mortalities.

Field Crew Leader
PGC Deer and Elk Section


From the Southern Crew:

Hi all,

I conducted two mortality investigations in Rothrock this week. A fawn on Tuesday on which I couldn’t find any obvious signs to explain cause of death.  I retrieved the carcass for the vet to necropsy. 

There was also a VIT doe mortality on Thursday. I located the carcass and found a bullet hole behind her shoulder. This does was trapped in March and her fawn(s) were born on Memorial Day.  Unfortunately, this was the only VIT deer we didn’t locate any fawns for. She was still lactating though which confirms that she still had young.  I was bummed to see the meat go to waste, but I’m sure she will be a nice meal for the scavengers. 

A landowner informed me that someone found a dead tagged buck on his property. He found 5 piles of bear scat around the carcass and thought it was an unrecovered harvest from archery season. It wasn’t recent though. We trapped the buck in a rocket net in Rothrock on March 1st, 2016. 

I also organized and inventoried the first aid kits, which then allowed me to submit my supply list. 

I’ll be assisting with deer aging and CWD sampling on Monday. I’ll be monitoring survival on Tuesday and Friday to see if we’ve lost anymore fawns during rifle season.

Field Crew Leader

PGC Deer and Elk Section


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