From the Northern Crew:

Hello All,

This week the last member of the crew, Josh, left Coudersport. It’s only been a few days but I am already missing them! I would like to give a big shout out to all of my crew members (Jackie, Luke, Alec, Sean, and Josh). They all worked extremely hard this past summer chasing fawns, repairing vegetation plots and going above and beyond in every facet of the job.

In other news, I picked up two of our trucks from the shop this week. One of those along with the truck that got a flat tire last week will need new tires in the near future. Along with vehicle repairs, I performed telemetry on the fawns this week, and have been monitoring the remainder daily just to make sure everyone is still alive! 

The last round of bear trapping in the Sproul resumes this coming Tuesday.

Field Crew Leader
PGC Deer and Elk Section


From the Southern Crew:

Hello all,

Nick and Ben have finished up and moved on. Nick is using the rest of his time to work on a VIT capture video. Amber worked Tuesday and was sick the rest of the week. She will be back this coming week to finish her hours though. 

On Tuesday, we assisted Wyatt with duck trapping on Haldeman Island. A successful adventure indeed as we captured nine wood ducks. One of which was a recapture. This was the crews’ first time banding ducks.

wood duck bands   wood duck

Other than the usual fawn monitoring and biangulations, there was one fawn mortality. Steve, a volunteer, and I conducted the mortality investigation. We recovered the fawn’s carcass within a few minutes. There were trails to the carcass and a few separate feeding sites. The fawn had a crushed skull and multiple (bite) injuries to her head. 

There is one final week of bear trapping on the Southern Study Area. This week, we are in Bald Eagle! Yay! With 41 bears captured so far, Nate is hoping for 9 more to reach his goal of 50 total captures this season.

Amber and I will conduct telemetry and assist with bear trapping. The plan is to have Amber update the fence repair worksheet and review the LOAS data to ensure all data from the crews’ location datasheets have been entered into LOAS. I will then combine the crew location data with my location data to create a master file. 

Field Crew Leader

PGC Deer and Elk Section


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