From the Northern Crew:

[On hiatus until Maureen gets started]

From the Southern Crew:

Hello all,

This week, I tracked down the deer in the South. There were two buggers thatPA grand canyon I couldn’t find even after searching over a couple of days. In addition, I finished organizing the trucks and the pole shed; cleaned and greased the rockets; and turned in the immobilization drugs, syringes/needles, VIT cooler, duckbill anchors, infrared scope, night vision, etc.

April and chainsawI attended chainsaw training with DCNR in Tioga County. I ran a chainsaw most of the day and even felled my first tree. I got to eat my lunch/dinner at the PA Grand Canyon and on my way home, I saw a coyote standing in a hayfield!! Of course, I never have my good camera when an animal cooperates. Needless to say, my entire Wednesday in Tioga County was awesome.

I learned that one of our Rothrock collared bucks was found dead. Unfortunately, all that is left of the deer is the bones and hide, so it will be difficult or impossible to determine the cause of death. The gentleman who found the deer plans to meet me to hand over the GPS collar and take me to the mortality site.

April and chainsaw

I edited our fawn mortality sheet and created a fawn location datasheet. The fawn equipment is also together and I will send a list of items out that we will need this week. It will only be a few things since fawn capture isn’t as equipment heavy as deer trapping is.

I’m hoping to get my truck into a garage this week. I will also be meeting Tess and Maureen (the new northern crew leader) on Tuesday to talk about collars, GPSs, etc.

Field Crew Leader
PGC Deer and Elk Section


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