deer crew captures a deer


From the Northern Crew:

We trapped our first deer this week! With 5 total captures, each member of the crew was able to take a turn at each processing job. For the crew members new to deer trapping, it was an especially exciting week. Our Carhartt overalls are now fully worn-in and smelling of deer, some true field authenticity. 

With the first deer captures out of the way, we have started to develop a rhythm. All captures proved to be strong and feisty animals exactly what we’d expect from high-strung wild animals. 

A topic of intrigue throughout the week was the individual differences between the deer. While we only hold the animals for a short period of time, it is interesting to see how different deer react to their predicament. Some are very vocal telling us exactly how they feel; while others are quiet and appear much calmer, maybe even a bit curious. 

winter view

While our traps have been successfully attracting deer, we have also had several other visitors. Chickadees are the main culprits in the disappearances of our bait piles. While actively collecting data on a captured deer, the birds continued to fly into the trap (a mere arm’s length or two away!). 

We are also excited to already have three GPS collars out on new deer. 

Our first week of deer captures was very successful, and we have high hopes for many more deer this season! -Carolyn
Northern Crew LeaderPGC Deer and Elk Section


From the Southern Crew:


The first week of captures is underway. We had a surprisingly good start for the southern study area with 8 total captures for the week. The preseason monotony is paying off as we deployed 3 GPS collars.  Notable captures included a few vocal fawns and a recaptured buck who was previously captured and tagged back in 2018.   

Our forest roads are beginning to thaw with the warmer temperatures, and it’s starting to turn to slush season.  It’s still way too early for this spring-like weather; there has to be one more decent snowstorm left.  

Outside of the daily routine of checking Clover traps, we’re hoping to put some cameras out over bait next week to see if there’s any opportunities for the use of rocket nets.  Wish us luck!  -Ben
Southern Crew LeaderPGC Deer and Elk Section

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