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From the Northern Crew:


From the Southern Crew:

Hello all,

Brandon (bear bio aide) and I went to Bald Eagle to investigate a 2014 buck collar that was sending mixed signals (Kate and I checked on this buck in March and found two bed sites at his mort location and figured out that he was still alive and on the mountain above us). His collar was in live mode when we located him this week. This time, we went down the mountain towards him and transmitted the drop-off signal multiple times. 

Weikert Run-BEFrom the top of the mountain, he couldn’t have been more than 250 meters from us. When we got to the hollow near his location, I heard his signal get further and further away until it disappeared completely. We hiked out a different way and continued listening for him but nothing.

I dropped my truck off on Thursday, completed auto reports in the morning and met Brandon in the afternoon to look for the collared buck again. 

I also met with Maureen and Tess to discuss the fawn capture season which is fast approaching. Only one more week until the fawn capture crews get here! I sent out my supply requests for fawn capture, as well.

This week, I plan to complete my ArcMap deer trapping file, organize my laptop files and photos (it gets a little crazy after deer trapping),  conduct a mort run, locate the Bald Eagle buck collar and pick up the Rothrock buck collar. Lastly, I’m going to stop in at the Ford dealer to see what’s going on with my truck because I haven’t heard from them yet. The elk truck is still at the garage and I’m stuck driving around the crew truck which smells like dirty socks. Ahhh, field work!

Field Crew Leader
PGC Deer and Elk Section


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