This year the Quality Deer Management Association asked me to be a speaker at their annual convention in late July. A warm time to visit New Orleans, but that made the warm welcome all the more welcoming.

While there I met Mike Higman and Adam Crews, hosts of Down South Hunting Podcast, and they asked me if I’d be willing to join them in a conversation about deer. Of course, coming from north of the Mason-Dixon Line I wasn’t quite sure of my bonafides, but they were more than accommodating.

We had a fun conversation that was a great jumping off point following my presentation about deer movements during the rifle season in Pennsylvania. I lived for 4 years in Georgia and I can assure you opening day in Penn’s Woods is vastly different from those in the South.

Also, on this podcast was another guest, Jon Livingston, who is a co-founder of DeerLab and he shares some insights about camera placement and using your photos to your hunting advantage.

Here’s the link to the podcast on Down South Hunting’s website. At their website they also have links for downloading the podcast for iOS and Android users.


-Duane Diefenbach

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