Barely a week left in good ole 2016.  The end of the year always arrives at an alarming rate.  Mostly because starting the week before Thanksgiving bear and deer season consume us.  Add in all the “extra” holiday duties (shopping, cookie making, cards, etc), throw in a sick pet or 2 for good measure, and it’s like riding Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom.  I’m a bit shell shocked by the time Christmas rolls around. 

Now that I have put dead bears, deer heads, and formalin-floating brain stems behind me for another year, I thought I’d take a look back at our year on the blog.  Taking inventory, I discovered our post count (including this one) is 138!  Compare that to 2015 when we just cracked 100.  

Those posts garnered over 250,000 views!  HOLY CRAP!  Our 2016 posts were seen a quarter of a million times over the past year.  That’s not counting previous year’s posts that were read in 2016.  You can add on another 85,000+ for that.  That’s over 335,000 times one of our posts was read in 2016, almost 100,000 more views than last year.  

So what did you like best in 2016?  

Readers still loved The Life and Times of Buck 8917 (written in 2015; read over 10,000 times in 2016) and in a surprise landslide, Wind’s Surprising Effects on Deer Movement (written in 2015; read over 22,000 times in 2016!).

Here are the Top Posts written in 2016:

10.  I knew I forgot something

9.  The spice of life

8.  Closure

7. Confessions of a shed hunter

6. Average Joe

5. Like Mother, Like Son

4. Old Men

3. A Dangerous Game

2. Where did he go? And where did he come from?

1. When do they sleep?

These 10 posts accounted for almost 20% of blog traffic in 2016.  Impressive.

Since we had such a successful year, we have decided to celebrate by taking a much needed break.  We’d like to wish readers and their families a happy holiday.  We’ll be back when you flip the calendar for another year of fun!

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-Jeannine, Duane, and the rest of the blog-writing crew!

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