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Brian Grossman of the National Deer Association talked with Duane about the effect of various weather factors on deer movement. We dive into how rain, wind, cold fronts, and warm weather during the rut influence deer movement – or do they? It’s a great summary of 10 years of blog posts about the different weather conditions that might influence your hunting decisions Click HERE for the link to the podcast

Nick Simon of the Killerwinds Podcast interviewed Duane about the Deer-Forest Study and how deer movements might influence hunting strategies. You can view the podcast on YouTube HERE or listen from their website HERE.

Jeremy Dinsmore of Antler Up Outdoors interviewed Duane to answer some viewer questions about deer movements and talk a bit about the Deer-Forest Study. Click HERE for the link to the podcast

Brian Grossman of the National Deer Association talked with Duane about deer movements in general and deer movements during the hunting season in particular; how landscape influences home range size; is there an October Lull?; how do deer respond to rifle season; the sweet spot for deer hunting in the Big Woods; can you outsmart an older buck. Click HERE for the link to the podcast

Duane gave a presentation on the National Deer Associations Deer and Beer Webinar series titled “How Deer move during the rut and hunting seasons in the Big Woods.” Click HERE for the link to the webinar.

Jeremy Gillespie of Going 4 Broke Outdoors interviewed Duane for Episode 5 of his podcast. Jeremy asked a lot of follow-up questions on topics that have been covered in the Deer-Forest Blog.

Beau Martonik of East Meets West Hunt Podcast interviewed Duane about the Deer-Forest Study and related topics, such as antler point restrictions, timing of the rut, etc.

Down South Hunting interviewed a series of folks about how weather influences deer movements. This is a 3-part series, in which Duane Diefenbach was interviewed for part two. Click the links to listen to Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Glendon Allwood with The Hunt Domain Podcast invited Duane Diefenbach to talk mostly about fawns and predation, but we also covered a variety of other topics on deer and deer hunting.

Truths and Myths about Chronic Wasting Disease – A webinar presented by Dr. David Walter, Assistant Unit Leader of the Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit on what we know and don’t know about chronic wasting disease.

Who’s Eating Bambi? Webinar – Game Commission Deer and Elk Section supervisor Dr. Christopher Rosenberry along with Dr. Duane Diefenbach and graduate students Tess Gingery and Asia Murphy from the Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit share insights from the latest research and answer questions. 

Mark Kenyon with Wired to Hunt interviewed Duane Diefenbach for their podcast. They discussed research related to antler point restrictions, how deer research is conducted, how managers attempt to balance habitat and wildlife populations, lessons learned from monitoring deer movements, deer home range insights and more. 

Down South Hunting invited Duane Diefenbach on their podcast following his presentation at the 2017 QDMA convention in New Orleans. The topic was about strategies for pursuing deer during the rifle season. Also, the co-founder of DeerLab shared some of his insights about camera placement and getting the most information from your photos.

A conversation in August 2017 with Coty and Steve from The Open Air Project – Jeannine and Duane talk about deer and deer management, but mostly answer a TON of questions about deer movements. Find out what we have learned so far on The Deer-Forest Study.

Everything you Need to Know about Females… Female Deer, that is! – Presented by Dr. Duane Diefenbach – this webinar shares some insights into female deer survival, reproduction, movements, and home range based on over 15 years of research conducted in Pennsylvania.

The Deer-Forest Study – Presented by Dr. Duane Diefenbach – An overview of this research project along with insights into buck movements during the rut, timing of breeding, and harvest rates.

Under Attack? Has the impact of predators on deer fawns in Pennsylvania changed? – Presented by Dr. Chris Rosenberry – Insights into fawn survival and causes of mortality, and how they have or have not changed over the past 15 years.

Interactions of Deer and Invasive Species: Metrics and Strategies for Suburban Deer Management – Presented by Dr. Bernd Blossey, Cornell University – The management focus of this webinar is in an urban setting, but the research findings regarding the interactions among invasive species, invasive earthworms, and deer are fascinating and applicable to many forest environments in the Northeast.

Video Overview of Fawn Study – Produced by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, this short video provides an overview of this part of the project.