Deer Hunters – Participate in the Study

The role of deer hunters

Deer hunters are the most involved and active stakeholder in deer management, and they have the greatest effect on deer populations. Consequently, an important objective of this research is to learn more how deer respond to hunters and how DMAP harvests can affect deer populations on a local area. Deer hunting and DMAP allocations will be used to change deer populations over the course of this study.

How hunters can participate

To better understand the role of hunters, we need to know who hunts on the study areas. Hunters who obtain DMAP permits on the study areas are automatically registered. However, hunters who only hunt antlered deer or only have a WMU antlerless license need to register.

Hunters will participate in the study by providing their name and hunting license CID#. After the hunting seasons, hunters will have an opportunity to share their hunting experiences and opinions.

Register with the study

Hunter Surveys

Following each hunting season, hunters will receive a survey to provide important information about hunting effort and success, experiences, and observations. Survey responses will be confidential. Only summary information will be provided to the public.