PSU Deer Study

In the previous two posts we have shared with you a buck from the Big Woods and another from the Ridge & Valley – from the northern and southern study areas, respectively.

In this post we provide movies of two more bucks in September, again one from each area. 

The deer up north – Deer 8109, at least 2 years old – has a rather boring movement pattern.  The center of its home range is situated on top of the plateau and he rarely travels down the steeper slopes. Makes sense to me, what goes down must come back up. I wouldn’t enjoy regularly hiking up and down those steep slopes either!

Check out Deer 8109’s movements.

Another buck you will get to follow this fall is Deer 8909, an adult male (more than 2 years old). He established a home range mostly in the valley, but he does travel up the side of the ridge. 

But you can be guaranteed his movements will change once the crops in the valley are harvested. After that he’ll be in the valley mostly at night, unless there are hedgerows and woodlots, and tend to use the forest for daytime cover.

Watch Deer 8909 and see if you can predict where he will expand his home range onto the ridge in October. Will he go up and over the ridge?

Soon, in an upcoming post, we show you both deer’s movements in October!

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